Apps for work and study

“Jobs on map”

Find local jobs easily in more than 60 countries around the globe with this job search app. Check routes and commute times to potential employers quickly. See parking and lunch places near potential jobs via satellite maps.

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Jobs on map iOS app

“News Tracker”

A bookmarking app for easily following multiple websites and blogs of any topic.

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News Tracker iOS app

Dictionary apps

One of the biggest selections of free offline multilingual dictionary apps for Android and iOS.

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Offline and multilingual dictionary apps

About Me

Hi! My name is Andrei, and I am a software engineer from Espoo, Finland. I have been developing websites and mobile applications for big financial institutions, as well for smaller companies and startups. On this website, you will find my apps, which I hope will help land a new dream job, translate a piece of text quickly, or entertain you while reading a blog.

I have made the iOS apps using the much loved Swift programming language. For Android applications, I used the fantastic Flutter framework and Dart language.

Besides mobile applications, I am regularly publishing vocabulary videos for a wide variety of languages on my Youtube channel called “BusyLearner”. With these videos learning foreign language words will be as easy as just listening to music.